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Are you wondering why some people seem to be Living in Abundance in many areas of their life while you seem to be struggling in these areas in your life?  You know they just seem to be prospering financially, growing spiritually and loving the relationships they are in.  If you are,  would you like help in discovering how this may be possible in your life?

My main goal is to provide you with information that may help you identify mindsets that may be holding you back from prospering in your finances and also to teach and encourage you to change these mindsets so that you may Live in Abundance in many areas of your life.

The reason I would like to keep my focus on prospering in your finances is because my husband and myself  lived for many years with a mindset of poverty.  How many of you know if you think your broke your BROKE?  As we became aware of this mindset and began to change it we were able to move from a six-figure income  to launching a company that grossed revenue of seven-figures in just over six years an increase in our personal income of over 400% over the last fourteen years – just by changing our way of thinking.  We will continue to develop this site with tools that will hopefully help you walk briskly through the land of Not Enough into the land of More Then Enough.

My name is Teresa. I am married to my best friend and business partner Terry.  Together we own and operate a business we launched six years ago.  We have had the privilege to work for the past twelve years with Patti Williams Ministries,(http://www.pattiwilliams.org) a ministry that develops online resources to assist people who desire to gain emotional healing in their lives.  We love that the understanding that we have gained may help you overcome wrong mindsets so that you may prosper above and beyond what you could ever imagine!!!

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